New venues added to tours…

Since the very first Dog Friendly Tour started on the North Coast in Portrush last year, the awareness has grown and so has the number of venues allowing us to bring our four legged friends inside.   Nearly every month we are reading, and hearing about new venues across Northern Ireland that are now opening their doors to dogs and their owners, as a greater knowledge of the environmental health aspect of food service in cafes and restaurants is being better understood.  For those that aren’t aware of what is allowed, animals are not allowed in food preparation areas, but ARE allowed where food is served and sold.   This article featured on the Kennel Club website has the details:- Kennel club article

As a result, new venues are coming on board the ‘Dog Friendly bus’, and I have now added 2 more venues onto the tours, 1 in Portrush where you will sample a “wee nip o’ whiskey’  and another in Belfast where you will enjoy a locally crafted spirit and mixer.   There is lots of food and drink to try on tour, with water bowls and treats for your dogs too, plus you will enjoy the ‘craic of course too!

For each tour date there are 3 x double tickets available to purchase at a reduced price saving £10 per couple.  Once these double tickets are sold then the individual ticket price will apply for the tour per person.