Being dog friendly pays!

Here is the link to a great feature in the Telegraph, highlighting the economic benefits of being a dog friendly establishment.

Its true, if you are out and about with your dog and fancy stopping for a coffee or an ice-cream, it can be extremely awkward trying to get served.  I have stood in shop doorways, and signalled to friendly staff that I would like a water, or a coffee outside please.  Some of them advise that I need to go in and order, but the dog isn’t allowed inside.  So how do I co-ordinate this – I tie fido to a chair, which could skite off across the room when another fido arrives, or I can ask the food service assistant to possibly get me a coffee in this coffee house?  Sounds obvious, and extremely acceptable.  However, this is not the case – this coffee house has systems and procedures. Customers must order at the specific point in front of the till, and then wait for a coffee, and then bring it outside, while the staff stand around and chat to one another.   Picture the scene, standing to the side of the doorway so as not to block other customers, keeping fido in check, daring not to overstep the door threshold.

This is obviously not standard in all cafes and restaurants, as we now welcome the venues that are embracing the ‘doggie pound’ and benefitting from our custom.  Surely, the other hospitality venues can see how beneficial it is to train their staff to be more aware of solo  dog walkers and try to be more accommodating.

At this point, I will mention that the whole issue of dogs being inside venues is purely at the discretion of the business owner.  Dogs are only prevented from being in food preparation areas for obvious reasons, so unless your four legged friend, plans on picking up a knife and chopping up some onions, there is no reason for not allowing dogs onto your premises.  Have a read at the Telegraph article here.