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In line with data protection, no data is retained by Dog Friendly Tours Ltd. The mailing list has an unsubscribe feature which can be accessed on all emails at any time, should you wish to stop receiving news and updates from Dog Friendly Tours. Your data is not passed on to any 3rd parties, and is not used by Dog Friendly Tours for any other purpose.

Dog Friendly Tours take bookings online and answer enquiries through Facebook/Messenger/Twitter/Instagram/E-mail and by phone. Payments are taken via PayPal or BACS. This policy will cover data collected through their platforms and also include where to find their privacy policies. Dog Friendly Tours also has a website and enquiries come to us via e-mail.
What data will we use and how will we use it? – If you make an enquiry either through Facebook/Messenger/Instagram/Twitter/E-mail or phone, we will require access to your name,  and contact number, in order to process your enquiry. The legal basis for this data is “contractual”. The data will then be held within the system used for making the enquiry. We do not normally delete these messages because we may need them at a later date, to proceed to making a booking or to further assist you. Should you require them to be deleted, we can do so for you. We do not download or store this data anywhere else. We do not use this data for anything else other than processing your enquiry.

If you make a booking online via the website then we will then require access to your name, address, contact number, emergency contact number, e-mail address and your pet’s details, to proceed. The legal basis for collecting this data is “legitimate interest”. This data will not be held in paper form, or filed.  This data will be stored on the woo commerce platform only, should we need to contact you regarding your booking or for a purpose related to your booking or the safety of your pet. When you arrive on a Dog Friendly Tour, you are asked to register for the tour.  This data is used solely as a record of attendance, and is filed and stored in a locked cabinet.  The data we hold will not be downloaded or stored anywhere else by us. We do not use this data for anything else other than making a booking or contacting you in case of an emergency. However HMRC requires us to hold data for six years for tax purposes. After this time all data will be reviewed and disposed of in an adequate manner.
If you make a payment via Bacs, we will have access to your name. We use Bank of Ireland’s online banking system. Your name is held for us within their system but we have no control over how long it is held for. All clients will receive a confirmation for their online payments, using first names only and amount paid.  We do not download or store this data anywhere else. We do not use this data for anything other than our records.
We upload photos of our clients and our clients’ pets to our Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter account and Website. We do not share our photographs with any third parties. They are for our use solely.  We make this clear on the website at the time of booking.Your rights and choices – you have the right to know what data we hold about you, to amend that data at anytime and request that data held be deleted. You also have the right to restrict how your data is shared. Should you have any cause for concern on how we use your data then please do not hesitate to contact Dog Friendly Tours,  via email at – You also have the right to supervisory authority if you think your data has been collected, used and shared inappropriately. The ICO are your point of contact in the UK, (
All social platforms and third parties collecting and storing data are GDPR compliant and their privacy policies can be found using the links provided. PayPal – from 25th May onwards. Facebook/Messenger/Instagram –
GDPR Policy created Dog Friendly Tours May, 2018


Dog Friendly Tours operate walking tours with your dog which consist of varying distances, gradients and changes in level.
If you have mobility difficulties, use a walking aid, wheelchair, mobility scooter or you are in doubt about any aspect of the tour and its suitability for you, please contact us in advance to discuss your access requirements

Portrush Tour
Route Description
This tour covers a distance of approximately 6 kilometres.
Meeting at East Strand Car Park, there are accessible parking bays and public accessible toilet facilities available.  The tour follows the level promenade before accessing the 30 or so steps to access Causeway Street.
There are steps and ramp from the promenade past the Salmon Fisheries
There are steps down to the Coastal Zone

There is a steep incline to the top of Ramore Head

There are steps down to the Harbour and back up again.
There are about 30 steps down to the RNLI Shop

Venue Information
Tilly’s dog friendly café is accessible via stairs only – lift access is not provided
Harbour Bar
55 North

There are accessible toilets at East Strand Car Park, and Bath Terrace public toilets, and 55 Degrees North.
There are standard toilets in each of the venues.

There are accessible parking spaces in Portrush East Strand car park

Belfast Tour
Route Description
This tour covers a distance of approximately 3 kilometres.
You could go into more detail here in terms of starting from going to etc

The tour is flat on the level for the majority of the tour route.

Venue Information
The Sunflower Pub has 2 steps to gain entry,
the Bear and Doll has 2 steps.
The Dirty Onion has a flat level access entrance via Waring Street,
The National 66 has level access
Belfast Cathedral has ramp access.
The Hudson

Unisex accessible toilets are located at The Hudson (Peaky Blinders), The Dirty Onion, the National and Belfast Cathedral.
There are standard toilets in each of the venues.

There is on street parking along Donegall Street and accessible parking spaces in St Annes Square multi storey car park