Dogs in Church!

On Sunday the Belfast Dog Friendly Tour took place around the Cathedral Quarter or as some refer to it – the Half Bap area of Belfast.   The Tour meets at the Dirty Onion for a cup of Tea/Coffee to start with before setting off on the 2km tour of Dog Friendly venues for great local food and drink.  One of the unique stops on the tour is the beautiful Belfast Cathedral.  Following on from the Pet Service in November last year, the Cathedral staff have been so welcoming and love to see the tour dogs coming in to have a walk about.  The congregation are normally just leaving or having a cup of coffee after the service, so its nice to be able to stop and chat to them with the dogs. We had some gorgeous four legged friends on tour, and the two Leonbergers stood out while walking about.  Docile and loveable big dogs.  The next two tour dates are fully booked but there will be more dates released very shortly!

Here is a link to an article written by the Cathedral about the tour – Click Here