Days out in the Autumn…keep up with the exercise!

Well what a change in the weather today from the past few days!  Monday was a glorious day with 19˚ Degrees and blue skies, so after work, Georgie and I headed off for a picnic in the park!  Today however, is more in keeping with the Autumnal season as the rain lashed down this afternoon.   I guess the plants did need watering after all.

At this time of year, it is extremely easy to let bad habits start to creep in,  pulling the curtains, lighting the fire, grabbing the biscuits and settling down in front of the TV and any thoughts of exercise are ditched for the new series of dramas starting at this time of year – who’s watching Liar and Bad Move? … but STOP!  Don’t do it!  Grab the dog and head for a wee dander around where you live, up and down the main road, or up and down the park.  You will feel so much better for it and so will fido.  I can’t get away with a day of no walks with Georgie!  She sits and stares longingly out the door window, taps the window, whines, turns around and looks at me, as if to say “any chance of getting a walk today?”  So between the rain showers, get off your bum cheeks, and keep on with the walking!   Both of you will definitely feel the benefit.  Don’t forget to wear something luminous to make sure you are seen by drivers, cyclists and other walkers.  Click the image for some more tips!


With this in mind, there are two tours currently in the schedule over the next few weeks – the Big Woof tour on 14 October and the Big Woof Tour does Hallowe’en on 28 October.  Both bookable online.   If you just fancy a guided walk around Portrush then the Weekend Walkies tour is also available.

Our four legged friends always need a walk, and really, so do we humans.  Why not treat yourselves to an Autumn day out on the coast, get yourselves an airing in the fresh Atlantic sea air, and enjoy the tasty culinary delights the tour has on offer.   You could even make a night of it, and stay in a few of the #dogfriendly hotels on the North Coast – The Fullerton Arms,  The Inn on the Coast, or the Brown Trout.  Sure what else would you be doing?!

Looking forward to seeing you on tour soon!  Get a waggle on!